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What started as a tiny facility to produce the delicious breads served at Le Diplomate and St Anselm, Bread Alley is a retail shop where the public can purchase the beloved breads made fresh daily. Showcasing the magical marriage of heirloom whole wheat flour, a living levain starter, water, and a selective list of exceptional ingredients the breads are the perfect accompaniment to a cheese and charcuterie plate, for a splendid sandwich or served alongside a home-cooked meal.

Tucked away on Morse Street, NE in the alley between 4th + 5th Streets behind St Anselm, the diminutive 100 sq. ft. shop features shelves of signature breads including crusty French baguettes, multigrain and cranberry-walnut boules, a selection of viennoiserie, and additional specialty breads on a rotating basis. Pre-packaged products such as small-batch, local jams, butter, honey, and salts are also available to enjoy with the delicious loaves.


Bread Alley